Everything is coming up roses!

...with Groupon. MORE Groupon clients have booked, met and pampered some more. All is good.

Tipped last month quite generously from A VERY satisfied client. Now, this week knocked my high heels off. A $50.00 tip from yet another. The fact is in all my years I NEVER accepted tips. I feel best when they buy retail or tell friends about us. I gave the tip back three times across the counter. Finally I accepted it. Groupon tells the voucher bearer to TIP generously. I guess they are really happy with their appointment with us.

I am now booking into June and July. FYI Saturday is a much wanted appointment day.

As for the other ladies who last moment cancelled, we gave them a second chance. One final time or the offer is void.

I hope they come. They were happy we honored it.

My last installment check arrived for my Groupon deal.

Prompt and on time as usual. Groupon wants to do another deal. I am going to stay in pause and finish a few dozen more clients before we do.

I love doing business with this professional company and the WIN/ WIN


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