Fad Dieting & Skin Health, is there a Connection?

We have all experienced it! Fad diets focusing on imbalanced nutrition and claiming rapid weight loss (and there are millions out there!)

To date, there are a few staple diets that have been around for some time and most of us seem to gravitate to one over the other (depending on our body type and lifestyle).  High Protein Diets for example, over the long term are dehydrating and promote internal inflammation.  The skin being the largest organ of the body is often the first to show signs of key nutrient deficiencies.

As a Nutritionist, I stand behind “moderation and balance are key to optimal health and wellbeing.”  Although for some of us, there may be obstacles with this philosophy to maintain a healthy weight and therefore manipulating the three macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats,) may help us achieve our goals.  Over the long term however, imbalanced nutrition can cause macro/micronutrient deficiencies, offset our ph balance and promote inflammation.  So how does this affect your skin?

Nutrition is the foundation towards optimal health. By limiting certain foods groups with dieting, you remove key nutrients required for growth and repair for the body.  If you are working with a client who is dieting, they may appreciate some general guidance on healthy foods and or nutritional supplementation to maintain a healthy glowing complexion.

What are some foods we should be eating for beautiful skin?

Ultimately, a whole foods antioxidant rich diet is best. In particular, omega 3 fatty acids (found in nuts, seeds and fish, such as salmon.) help to reduce redness and irritation in the skin and help to promote a glowing complexion.

High Fiber – helps to balance blood sugar levels and may help to ward off collagen breakdown

Antioxidants – broccoli, melon, tomatoes, carrots, berries, dark leafy greens contain potent antioxidants proven to ward off damaging free radicals (reactive toxic cells that trigger accelerated skin aging.) For a general reference, check out the ORAC Scale of fresh produce to help maximize your antioxidant intake.


By incorporating nutrition or a nutritional beauty line (such as a nutricosmetic) into spa programs, clients can merge their beauty and nutritional practices towards a more cohesive philosophy that will improve not only the health of their skin but their total wellbeing and vitality.  Clients who seek out spa services are generally the same consumers who are most concerned about nutrition (and dieting,) and how it impacts their overall health and wellbeing!