Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Announces New Signature Candles

Earth Hour has never smelled better. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ new signature Lobby Scent Candles, developed by longstanding partner New York-based perfumer Le Labo, will be lighting select hotel lobbies across the globe on Saturday, March 28, 2015 in celebration of this annual lights-off event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
Fairmont properties worldwide will celebrate Earth Hour by turning off the lights and 40 properties will give guests this exclusive sneak peak of the signature candles prior to the summer 2015 product launch. “Fairmont is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and reducing the impact operations have on our local communities,” says Jane Mackie, vice president, Fairmont Brand. “Having just reached our carbon reduction goal as part of the WWF Climate Savers program, and being the first hospitality company to do so, Fairmont is celebrating in a way that is truly unique to our brand.”
Hand-poured one-by-one, the eco-friendly, clean burning soy-wax candles mimic the scent that will fill the halls and lobbies of Fairmont properties when they officially debut later this year. Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot, founders of Le Labo, have been traveling across the globe to some of Fairmont’s distinctive properties, seeking inspiration and local ingredients for the new fragrance. “Fairmont hotels around the world are genuinely memorable and connected to the local communities where they reside. We saw this again and again through our travels,” says Roschi. “Our task was to capture the scents that defined these destinations and bring them together in one signature fragrance that would connect all guests to the brand through the power of scent.”
Paying homage to the two luxury brands’ existing partnership, the creation process of the Lobby Scents & Candles began in the legendary rose fields of Grasse, France—the very fields that produce the essential rose oil featured in Fairmont’s in-room amenity, Le Labo’s Rose 31. The new Fairmont Scent celebrates Fairmont’s diverse portfolio of properties through the artistry of perfumery. The Scent is a custom blend of Cedar Leaf, Rose Essence, Cinnamon, Clove and Patchouli.
The candles, to be sold in Fairmont Stores and online at www.fairmontstore.com starting this fall, will provide guests with a tangible way to bring home their cherished Fairmont experiences and relive them though the power of scent. Until then, guests can visit participating properties during Earth Hour on March 28th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m., for a sneak sniff of this highly anticipated scent.