FarmHouse Fresh Headquarters Receives Inspired Makeover

FarmHouse Fresh recently debuted a complete update of its McKinney, TX, corporate headquarters and the adjacent personal residence of founder and CEO Shannon McLinden. Led by interior designer Janet Gridley and Dale Schneider of Ryan Hartman Custom Homes, the combined 8,700-square-foot space incorporates a number of lively decorative animal themes to reflect FarmHouse Fresh's actual working farm and animal sanctuary located on the five-acre hillside property. The headquarters houses the operation, design, and product development teams for FarmHouse Fresh and also serves as a training facility for spa estheticians and massage therapists. Among the highlights of the updated space are vintage items from local antique shops and work from local artists who created hand-painted custom gingham wallpaper and built the company's new desks and cabinets. Additionally, the property was redesigned to reflect McLinden's love of flora and fauna as well as focus on the importance of energy consciousness. The now open-concept is a green, energy-efficient development, offering natural light and indoor trees, an all-glass northern wall with an indoor/outdoor fireplace, a hanging birdcage chair, and a skylight assembly area full of hanging overhead plants and spilling vines. The outdoor commercial glass greenhouse provides year-round harvests capable of yielding up to 50,000 cubic feet of hydroponic farm produce ranging from fresh greens to cucumbers. The company also works with local farmers for large dedicated acreage plantings to ensure that FarmHouse Fresh products are full of purees, extracts, herbs, and more. “We are big believers that your daily surroundings have a direct affect on mood, creativity, purpose and well-being,” says McLinden. “Every detail embodies the brand... from hand-designed farmer figures on the bathroom signs, to ceramic bunny lamps, and animal artwork throughout, happiness lives here at FarmHouse Fresh.”