FarmHouse Fresh Introduces Gourmet Mineral Bath Blends

FarmHouse Fresh Gourmet Mineral Bath Blends FarmHouse Fresh, professional bath, body, and facial care products, now offers aromatic Gourmet Mineral Bath Soaks, which can be infused into pedi-baths. As part of the company’s new Gourmet Mineral Bath Soak Program, the blends can also be used for scenting spa towels, as amenities for hotel guest turndown services and retail at the gift shop. It can also be customized to include local ingredients. "We're offering spas and hotels a variety of ways to customize their guest's experience with our Gourmet Mineral Bath Soaks Program, in addition to a more elegant means to steep feet in a delightful mineral bath than the traditional method of throwing salts into the water," says CEO Shannon McLinden. "Nail technicians can fill the FarmHouse Fresh tea bag with as much of their desired Gourmet Mineral Bath Soak, or even create their proprietary blend using local ingredients, then clip it closed and place it into the water. They will see that our all-natural, logo-stamped cork will float to the surface and prevent the tea bag from sinking, which is beneficial because it keeps the contents out of the drain, and the cork and clip can be reused again after disinfecting." Available in three proprietary gourmet soaks, including Lavender & Hibiscus, Green Tea & Marigold, and Coconut Milk, the soaks provide a relaxing sensation that help ease muscle ache, instill peace of mind, and nourish dry skin.

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