Fashion Forward Fabrics

When I’m out shopping for new clothes I always take time to touch and feel the fabrics, and I often nix outfits that look cute but feel anything but. The same savvy comes in handy for you when selecting uniforms for employees. Innovations in fabric composition have allowed for new styles, easier cleaning, and better maneuverability, enabling staff to complete any service on the menu. Here’s what a few spa uniform experts had to say:

  • “Fabrics are hand chosen to enhance the functionality and longevity of the uniform,” says Noel Asmar, president and CEO of Noel Asmar Uniforms. “At the moment we are using a variety of wonderful new technical fabrics. The fabrics feature a non-transparent mesh that wicks away moisture, offers maximum comfort, and simply feels like smooth, melting butter.”
  • Organic and natural options are also in high demand at spas looking to help the environment and give clients peace of mind. “Our agenda, as always, is the use of natural, organic, and high-performance fabrics,” says Debbie Leon, president of Fashionizer Spa Uniforms.
  • “We currently use rayon/polyester/spandex blend but are going through the testing phase with cotton blend,” says Agnes Dalisay, owner of Chi Couture Uniforms. “We love our fabric but want to explore an alternative fabric because although it is highly breathable, we still want to implement a lighter fabric for drapey styles that we are trying to achieve.”

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