Find Your Ideal Wellness Practitioner on the New Begin to Heal Platform

Pooja Khanna recently debuted Begin to Heal, a wellness platform. // Photo via Shutterstock

Those seeking a licensed wellness practitioner need look no further than Begin to Heal, a new holistic wellness platform that connects individuals to a network of more than 200 practitioners specializing in services such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutritiPooja Khanna of Begin to Healon and health coaching, integrative medicine, hypnotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, reiki, spiritual coaching, psychotherapy, functional medicine, and more.

Pooja Khanna, a former strategy and business development executive at American Express, Microsoft, Pepsi, and IBM, founded the platform after experiencing adrenal fatigue in 2013 while climbing the corporate ladder.

“The condition, which is induced by chronic stress and anxiety, made me lose my stamina and energy completely,” says Khanna. “I was physically burnt out.” Despite seeking treatment from a variety of doctors, she found no cure and eventually turned to holistic medicine and alternative healers, who eventually put her back on the path to wellbeing. “I am now an advocate of these treatments, and I make them available to the wider public through Begin to Heal,” says Khanna. “We are the first platform in the U.S. that brings 200-plus practitioners across 12-plus practices and deliver the ability to book sessions with them and do remote sessions through our state-of-the-art video calling feature on our website.”


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Practitioners are vetted thoroughly using in-depth research, which includes reviews, website analysis, and more. Khanna also conducts a sample session with each practitioner to ensure quality and bedside manners. The platform is looking to add 100 more practitioners by the end of 2019. Finding a good licensed acupuncturist just got much easier.


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