A Focus on Relationships and Wellness at IECSC Las Vegas

IECSC Las Vegas was electric with all things spa.  For those involved in social media, this event was a golden opportunity turn online connections via Facebook, Twitter and Linked In into real life relationships.  Similarly, the event created new relationships in person and now we have the ability to deepen the connection in the social media world.  And the wheel keeps on turning!

On an educational note, Dori Soukup, owner of InSPAration Management, gave a motivating talk about “7 Steps to a Profitable Medi Spa and Wellness Center.”  According to Soukup, the biggest missed opportunity for medical and wellness spas is anti-stress programs.  Over 67% of Americans report feeling stressed.  This information is consistent with the 2011 Global Spa Report.  According to Coyle Hospitality Group, 88% of respondents reported the primary reason for spa visits is relaxation/stress management.  Seeing that stress the 6th leading cause of death, anti-stress programs are a must.

This presents a huge opportunity for spas to solve a universal problem as well as increase their revenue streams.  According to Soukup, some of the major revenue streams wellness and medical spas should consider in addition to products and services are integrative medicine, nutrition, mind-body practices (yoga, tai chi, meditation) as well as seminars and wellness coaching.

Wellness coaching is a new, yet powerful tool.  While personal coaching is a proven model for improving athletic and executive performance, only now is it available to support individual health and wellbeing.  In this way, wellness coaching can help fill a compelling, yet unmet need for wellness-minded spas.  According to Halbert Dunn, MD, PhD, otherwise known as the “Father of the Wellness Movement,” “High-level wellness is an integrated method of functioning…oriented toward maximizing the potential of which an individual is capable within the environment s/he is functioning.”

There is a growing market of individuals who are being more proactive in taking charge of their health and wellbeing, and are looking for a more holistic approach.  Wellness seminars and individual coaching help to address and support clients with the impact of high stress in their modern lifestyle, including dimensions such as nutrition, weight, exercise, stress, health and general management of life issues. 

Do you offer wellness coaching or other programs at your spa? If so, how's it going?