Forget the Semantics – Let's Try this Again

With all the recent debate about wellness in spas verses pampering in spas, I shake my head. When did spas stop being about health and esthetics with a good measure of pampering thrown in? The consumer certainly doesn’t care about the semantics. It’s all about how they look and feel.

Yes – spas went over board with their menu descriptions promising results that could never be realized with a barbecue wrap or a chocolate facial. So the consumer decided the hype didn’t justify the price. Next, the press told us that luxury was out. Spas ran for cover claiming that they are really not about luxury and pampering, they’re all about wellness. Does the consumer care about whether we offer wellness instead of pampering in spas, or they just want to look and feel good? Take the pampering part out of the equation, and will they still feel so good after a spa visit? Don’t think so.

Over the years, spas have been creating identities that constantly shift with the winds. Try this. Try that. Say this. Say that. So who is creating the confusion – the spas or the consumer? Perhaps we should stick with a consistent message that spas offer an opportunity for guests to look and feel their best. This formula requires an optimal blend of health promoting activities, esthetic opportunities and a good dose of pampering. It feels good already!

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