Four things hoteliers and spas need to know about Apple’s iPhone 4S

This morning, Apple announced the newest addition to its beloved line of consumer mobile devices with the iPhone 4S. Apple will also launch the newest version of software for its mobile devices, iOS 5, on October 12. What do hoteliers need to know to stay attuned to guest needs and the effect of new high-powered gadgets on service and technology systems?

1. More guests will stream and download digital content over your hotel’s Wi-Fi network, thanks to Apple’s new iCloud and iTunes Match feature. All of a user’s music will be available to stream over the Internet. Users will have access to their purchases at any time from the cloud, so guests will expect your wireless network to be robust enough for constant video streaming.

2. Apple’s personal assistant technology, which allows users to control their device with only their voice, is an impressive addition to the iPhone 4S. It also means guests may expect similar seamless voice-control service through your hotel or brand app.

3. Apple has now integrated social media messaging across all its mobile products. Now, a guest can send a tweet complaining about bad service without even having to open a new application. Your guests can also edit photos on the fly, so watch out for unhappy guests cleaning up photos of their unclean guestrooms.

4. The iPhone 4S itself is about twice as fast as the previous iPhone and capable of rendering graphics seven times faster. More multiplayer gaming will take place over your wireless network, often multiple devices from one guestroom.



External Source : Hotel Management.netGizmodoTechCrunch