Fragrance and Candle Companies Merge to Create Curio

DPM Fragrance, the parent company of Aspen Bay CandlesDPM Fragrance, the parent company of Capri Blue and Aspen Bay Candles, and Thymes have merged to create Curio, a manufacturer in the bath, body, and home fragrance market. The new platform will continue to market to consumers under the core brands of Aspen Bay Candles, Capri Blue, and Thymes. “The synergies between DPM and Thymes are amazing—it’s such a great fit,” says Tom Reed, DPM founder and Curio board member. “This is a fantastic next step full of potential and opportunity for the entire team and for our current and future customers.”

Both Thymes and DPM Fragrance have proven track records of innovation and growth and have been highly successful in creating industry-leading fragrances and brands. With more than 30 years of history in the global gift specialty market, Thymes has provided strong, recognizable, and timeless fragrances, including Frasier Fir and Goldleaf. DPM is well known for developing high-quality candles and has created signature fragrances such as Volcano and Aloha Orchid, which are found in spas around the world. “With Thymes’ strength in bath & body and seasonal home fragrance and DPM’s strength in candles and everyday home fragrance, we now have a complete portfolio of unique and award-winning fragrance brands and expertise,” says Anne Sempowski Ward, CEO of Curio. “Together, we are able to vertically integrate and holistically serve a wide range of specialty retailers in the U.S. and globally.”