Gainesville, GA Spa Discovers Retail-to-Treatment Ratios Skyrocket 26% in Three Months

Of all the concerns of today's spa executive and spa owner, profitability consistently tops the list. Treatment revenues are determined by the number of treatments, which are in turn limited by the number of filled rooms during the business day. The majority of income in most spas comes from massage treatments; however, most spa directors underestimate the direct impact that massage therapists can have on spa profitability. Gregory Hake, CEO of the Spa on Green Street indicated that, 'The failure to address this point successfully has left many spa entrepreneurs with busy, yet unprofitable locations.'
According to Erich Worster, President of Anakiri, 'We've always felt that massage therapists hold an important key to the success of spas. We studied the way that therapists worked, looked into how they were trained, questioned therapists in spas across the country and found a surprising consistency in their approach.' What Worster discovered was that nearly every massage therapist is trained to recommend drinking plenty of water following the treatment. In many cases, the therapist also suggested a warm Epsom salt bath in the evening to help with muscle soreness – an established retail opportunity that quite often benefits the local drugstore and not the spa.

Mr. Hake stated, 'We see the Spa on Green Street as a learning laboratory and we've uncovered a great secret that is sure to revolutionize the spa industry.' The Spa on Green Street introduced the Anakiri Massage Complements to its clients and staff just over a year ago and in the first three months they found that massage therapist retail-to-treatment revenue ratios skyrocketed from 4% to 30%. 'We couldn't believe the impact on our bottom line,' said Hake, 'our largest revenue base suddenly became many times more profitable. Not only were the massage therapists thrilled with the increase in their pay, our guests found the benefits of the treatment lasted much longer. It was a win-win solution!'

The S.O.S. Massage Complements, a group of four easy to recommend products, capitalizes on what massage therapists do right and do consistently. The line includes S.O.S Recover-Chronic, an enzymatically-charged topical lotion that helps with muscle soreness; S.O.S. Recover-Acute, a fast-working homeopathic localized pain reducer; S.O.S. Soak, an aromatic blend of natural mineral salts and essential oils are key to relaxation, healthy muscle and bone function; and S.O.S. Hydrate, a homeopathic liquid solution that energetically stimulates your body's water absorption.

'Rather than try to change the way massage therapists work, we felt the wiser approach would be to give the massage therapists products that made them better at what they do and know already,' added Worster. By turning this perceived weakness on its head, and by leveraging the training and the strengths common to virtually all massage therapists, Anakiri has stumbled upon what might be the most revolutionary, yet least controversial inventions for the spa industry in this decade.

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