Gelish Announces Year of the Snake Duo

I find the Chinese zodiac to be fascinating, and I always love reading about the traits of my zodiac sign (which is a dragon) and those of my loved ones. But now, I’m a little jealous that I wasn’t born under the year of the snake after checking out the fabulous new collection from Gelish. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Hand & Nail Harmony regional education manager Thao Nguyen created Gelish Meet the Kings and Lady in Red, two gorgeous special-edition colors to celebrate this festive occasion. When developing these decadent shades, she kept in mind that red and gold have a very special meaning in the Asian culture. “During the New Year, red is everywhere—it symbolizes good luck and fortune. Gold represents royalty and wealth,” says Nguyen.

And for you snakes (or those who simply want to take advantage of the stylish new colors), here’s the scoop on your sign: The Snake is the most mysterious of the 12 zodiac animals. Endowed with wisdom and a philosophical mindset, they are born thinkers and excel in finding solutions to complex problems. Along with being shrewd and lucky with money, snakes are hard workers who are financially successful.

Happy Chinese New Year to all!