Get the Latest News from IECSC Florida Exhibitors

IECSC Florida ( is coming up next weekend, Oct. 16-17, at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The event will feature exciting manufacturer classes, a leading education program, and the industry’s latest products, equipment, and more. Here, check out news from a few of IECSC’s top exhibitors:



  Vitelle Labs

Vitelle Labs will be offering three unique seasonal treatments for both face and body that can easily be added to spas’ existing service menus. These treatments offer unique ways of addressing seasonal skincare concerns and take menus from drab to fab. Attendees can try the nourishing facial treatments—the Winter Pearl Bling Facial, the Pumpkin Harvest Facial, and the Cranberry Antioxidant Facial. For the body, the company will be featuring a Pumpkin Hydration Wrap with Gingerbread Body Lotion & Wash, a Peppermint Detox Wrap, and Cranberry Infusion Seaweed Wrap with Cranberry Body Lotion & Wrap to help spice up holiday menus. For a limited time; special discounts apply to all seasonal product purchases.



Wilma Schumann Skin Care

Wilma Schumann Skin Care will continue its yearly support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure campaign. This year, the company is committed to donating 15 percent of the purchase price of all sales of its Boosting Line made during the month of October, including those sold at IECSC Florida, to the Susan G. Komen. Susan G. Koman is the leading fund raising group of the Breast Cancer movement and has donated nearly $2 billion. Visit us at IECSC Florida booth # 715.


 InnerCore Products

InnerCore Products sprouted when Dominic Orlando, product designer and president, reached out to a local sculptor/master mold maker Jeff Ebel, vice-president, to help in the production of a self-heating massage stone (Sassi Stones) for the spa industry. After months of research and many prototypes, the team has produced a high-tech, marketable product and is very excited about the future of their creation. Recently, the company has added a new member, Frank Anzalone, marketing/sales director, who will launch the new advertising campaign. The company is committed to providing innovative, superior quality spa products, while exceeding customer expectations and service to support a warm and relaxing massage experience. The company will be launching are Sassi Stones at IECSC Florida. These are self-heating massage stones that heat up in less than a minute, they provide a two-hour continuous massage without any interruptions, and are portable which allows for a massage anywhere.


Shir-Organic contains all natural and organic ingredients with whole fruit and herb pulps. Utilizing state-of-the art, eco-friendly bamboo packaging, Shir-Organic offers a new natural approach to skincare today. Shir-Organic anti-aging formulas contain natural and organic ingredients which strengthen, hydrate skin, stimulate cell regeneration, and defend against environmental damage. Saturated with phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins, Shir-Organic products will create firmer, healthier-looking skin! Come discover the amazing blend of powerful botanicals that are not only good for the skin and senses, but for the environment as well, at booth #515. Our concept is as pure as nature itself.

A variety of other exhibitors will be highlighted at the show, including:

h2t - Spa & Aesthetics
Booth: 1515
DERModality is known for its advanced technology in serums and T.C.A. Chemical Peels. They are now introducing the M-Corrective clarifying serum. M-Corrective dramatically enhances and brightens the skin within days of using, and other benefits include the reduction of hyperpigmentation, acne, and wrinkles. Mandelic acid, which the company also offers, is an almond extract that is gaining popularity as an alpha hydroxyl acid suitable for all skin types and complexions, giving it a unique advantage. This new skincare sensation helps bring clarity and balance while causing virtually no irritation. The results are similar to the vitamin A as to lightening pigment as well as a rare ability to be effective when fatty acids are present (oil soluble). Mandelic acid is also recommended as a pre and post laser treatment, reducing the amount and length of irritation caused by laser resurfacing.

Booth: 425
Ludermis will be debuting its new Maximum Collagen Veil Gel at IECSC Florida. This new product rehydrates the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, and reduces depth of wrinkles. Anti-aging effects include adding firmness, softness, flexibility, and overall improved appearance. Main ingredients include hydrolyzed and soluble marine collagen, aloe vera gel, and soluble elastin.

Booth: 525
MAROMA manufactures a wide range of natural fragrance products exactingly formulated from essential oils and botanical extracts. All product ingredients and packaging are earth-friendly and from renewable resources. Selections include bath soaps and salts, perfumes, sachets, meditation votives, fine hand rolled incense, and unique gift sets. All are sold in fine spa shops worldwide.

Mindful Minerals
Booth: 510
European all natural mineral skincare just launched affordable product line in North America. Included in the line are pure raw Dead Sea salts, muds, scrubs, and soaps with organically harvested essential oils that contain 21 minerals essential to the skin.  Spa therapies include face, body, manicure, and pedicure treatments used by top international hotel spas, including the Four Seasons & Ritz Carlton properties.

Nouveau Serré
Booth: 723
Nouveau Serré provides an all natural, multi-peptide alternative to harsh peels, Botox®, or other injectables, utilizing the science of skincare to rebuild collagen, and hydrate and protect the skin, helping it not only look younger, but actually act younger. The appearance of wrinkles does not mean that skin has stopped producing its collagen producing properties; it just means it isn’t doing its job as efficiently and needs help. With Nouveau Serré’s age management system, it will help enhance the skin’s natural ability to rebuild elasticity and will turn back the clock on aging skin.

Nutra Luxe MD, LLC
Booth: 518
Formulated in Germany by a team of scientists and doctors, the active ingredients include vitamins and peptides without any parabens, preservatives, cream fillers, or stabilizers, maintaining the integrity and potency through innovative encapsulated technology. The encapsulation technology preserves the original potency of the ingredients the second that it's pumped onto the skin as the capsules burst in real time. With Nutra Luxe MD products, aging is now an option.

Postquam USA
Booth: 1434
POSTQUAM COSMETICS manufactures and markets cosmetic products for professionals. The brand, started in Spain in 1982, has been characterized always by providing professional quality products at the best price. Products are formulated from compositions based on the most effective and advanced active ingredients. 

WholesaleFacial Scrubs, Inc
Booth: 1509
Let's face it...who wants wrinkles? WholesaleFacial Scrubs' paraben-free, high-potency products tackle this problem head on. Wholesale Facial Scrubs use Natural Amber Crystals in five tropical scents facial scrubs: Island Mango, Coconut Crazy, Grapefruit Surprise, Papaya-Mango, and Just Peachy.  Buy them at wholesale prices, and see your customers come back for more. Products are safe for all skin types, not harsh or expensive. The complete WholesaleFacial Scrubs skincare line includes the following products: Let's Face It -Amber Crystals Facial Scrubs (In 5 scents); Let's Face It-Foaming AHA Cleanser with 10% Glycolic Acid; Let's Face It-Peptide Plus+Wrinkle Cream; Let's Face It-Moisture HA Cream with Hyaluronic Acid;Let's Face It-Vitamin C Plus Cream with Squalane and Jojoba Oil.