Getting our coupon groove on with Groupon

After all the press, articles I have read and an invite and countless calls from the Groupon Team I have decided to take the plunge and try it.

Reviews I have read have been good and bad. I called other local business owners to see how their Groupon experience was. It resulted in a great experience. I believe it’s right for me!

If you haven’t heard about it nor tried it to market your business with a daily deal. Live it and learn it through me. Also check out their website

Thus far, my sales representative ANN is a delight to work with. She asked for info about my company. She asked for photos I would like to use. The more you work together with the rep. The better you will be success wise after all; it is a 50/50 split.

They make money for you …you make money for them.

EXPOSURE is also the name of the game…although I work nationally and internationally and am well known locally since I moved to sunny Florida from NYC, I welcome the exposure.

Celebrities know all about this. Exposure is a WONDERFUL thing!

Next step Groupon sent me a copy of my artwork/photo/log for our featured deal. Next, a list of step by step what will happen and how to track the success of your days sales. They even have a tutorial webinair to show you how to run things smoothly.

Looking good and looking forward to our Saturday January 15th deal day. Stay tuned for more and let’s explore this new way of marketing for NEW clients and inviting old ones again. You never know what you’ll discover…