Getting ready for a beautiful IECSC show!

I'm so excited  even though I have been lecturing for years about the IECSC and IBS shows. Happy excitement. I hope some of you who read our Blogs are attending. NYC will be at it's finest. There does not appear to be a sign of snow at this time. YAY! Please see the show brochure and explore all the classes there. I am doing three and one PANEL...called "Let's Make a deal".

Also my next check$$$ for Groupon arrived on time again the other day and they are still coming in and booking. The only kink honestly that I have is...

Some women want to or NEED to be made up on a particular day and assume we are available or not booked with another client or Groupon.

I will keep you posted...again so far so great!

Watch for our Blogs from the showfloor! We'll take you there even if you couldn't join us this year!

See you in Vegas? TAKE TIME to attend a show. You and your business

need it...leave inspired,learn something new and color your sales, Gorgeous!