Gharieni Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Gharieni Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Gharieni, a German-based manufacturer of high-end spa and medical furniture, beds, and equipment, celebrates 25 years of success. With branches in Belgium, Dubai, France, Netherlands, and the U.S., the brand’s products are exported to more than 60 countries and distributed at luxury hotels, spas, beauty salons, and medical institutes. Its spa division offers a wide range of spa tables for dry and wet areas, lounges, and furniture while its medical division designs and manufactures examination beds that provide comfortable and optimized positioning for patients during medical procedures, therapy, and diagnostic treatments. “My approach has always been to listen first to the needs of the market and then innovate,” says founder and CEO Sammy Gharieni. “The spa industry is a competitive market and we want to deliver the best equipment possible to provide unique wellness experiences for spa clients and therapists.”

Gharieni is known for elegant design and high-quality functionality. As a result it has established a proficient global network of strong distributors to maintain its high service standards. Recently, the company was recognized for its Wellmassage4D productin the Beauty & Body Care Treatmentscategory at the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards at the 2016 Beauty Düsseldorf tradeshow in Germany. With this award the German Wellness Association (GWA) honors new and pioneering developments in the industry. Developed in collaboration with Tip Touch International CEO Jean-Guy de Gabriac, Wellmassage4D is specifically designed for the Gharieni MLX treatment bed and features eight pre-programmed table positions and a specially developed massage technique, which allows for a unique body treatment in completely relaxed positions for the client.

Gharieni also became a member of the Florida Spa Association (FSA) this year. The FSA provides a platform for networking professionals to build new working relationships with others in their field, as well as continuing education seminars, integrated spotlight programs, and one-on-one connection programs to support the spa and wellness business in Florida. For more information about products and equipment, visit Gharieni.


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