Grande Cosmetics Supports Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Grande Cosmetics GrandeTEAL kit

In honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Grande Cosmetics plans to donate 20 percent of the proceeds from its GrandeTEAL kit to the Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer Louisa M. McGregor Ovarian Cancer Foundation (T.E.A.L.). Founded in 2009, this organization’s goal is to promote public awareness and educate women about the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of ovarian cancer while providing support to survivors and raising funds for research in order to find the cure for ovarian cancer. T.E.A.L. also helps fund public education campaigns designed to improve the lives of ovarian cancer patients and those at risk of contracting the disease. This cause is important to Grande Cosmetics because one of its employees, Marc Tull, customer service and sales associate, had his mother pass away from ovarian cancer in 2003. Tull and his family have supported the cause for several years and Grande Cosmetics is eager to support the organization and help make a difference in women’s lives.