Great customer service: I LOVE IT and I LOVE TO GIVE IT.


It feels so good to be taken care of. I craved coffee and it was so hot here Sunday in sunny Florida I wanted to try a McDonald’s Mocha Frappe. Never had it before, was tired of seeing the commercials, and not tried one yet. They had a special on them …count me in!

The girl who took my order was a smiling sweet delight. The girl who processed my order from the drive thru was a double kind delight. It was her pleasure as she reminded me as she took care of my order. When she went to prepare my second drink (I made a last minute request for for my husband) she was so polite and happy to assist and get that one too.

While waiting, I glanced over at her and the kitchen area she works in and saw she pulled a cell phone from out of nowhere. She had no pockets in the blouse, no purse on her arm…I can only assume her phone was held snuggly in place in her bra cup. After she scrolled quickly viewing her e-mails or texts perhaps. She then put the phone back in her bra and pressed down to put it in place. Then that hand put the lid down, pushed firmly on my husband’s frappe, and gave me my order in the tray holder. UGH! I was having such a great afternoon and so wish I did not see that. I felt like I was on a great date that suddenly went bad. 

The next day I dined with my husband after work for a quick meal. The waiter was outstanding. During getting our meal to the table, he stopped at the restroom. I watched as he went in, did not stay long and came out scrolling his phone and I assumed checking his in box.

Then he came to our table with our food. Did he wash his hands, did he even go to the bathroom, or was he simply checking social media while on the job?

I am sorry to see this happen. I LOVE MY PHONE and my employees love them too. I am certain you and your staff does too. However, phones are not good in the workplace especially when turned on and like this. I do not ever want my clients to see something like the above happen from my business, staff or me. Do you have protocols in place for Cell phones at your Spa?

Your thoughts?