Groupon and me!

YAY! Round One is over. Now on to the next step!

Our offer of beauty was: A private makeup session, skin care lesson, and a skin softening aromatherapy hand treatment. It also includes a refreshing signature beverage (alcoholic if they’d like) and a few decadent edibles both served on a silver tray. The offer featured on a Saturday. I was concerned as usually the coupons are a daily deal NOT Saturday. However, with the growth of Groupon they added Saturdays now. My rep assured me it would all run smoothly and we will sell well. I got a bonus Sunday too. My rep. told me that it being a long holiday weekend I did really well.

Week 2 and five days after my Groupon coupon has run.

Saturday the phone rang lots but not in droves. There were questions about the offer. SUNDAY we forwarded our calls to my cell phone to not miss a caller or someone trying to book. They called.  We then went to the studio to field more calls. My husband even got in on the game. We were counting on the computer to track how many we sold and updated us all. It was as if we were winning in Las Vegas. It was exciting and fun to be honest!

Midnight that night the offer was over. We sold 161 at $35.00 and Groupon gets ½ of that. Now, I was wondering how we take are of them all. I AM the one who designs faces and does the makeup lessons. It’s my passion! We printed out the list and there were all our BUYERS. It was a beautiful sight and a delight. We love our client base but ALWAYS welcome more. Especially with JAX. Florida being a town in which people move in and out of and now snowbirds want to move here more than ever too. Therefore, these were definitely NEW people for us.

Now, the calls are coming…the appointments are being made and requested. Only kinks so far are not Groupon’s fault. It's a buyer /client thinking they can get an appt. at the exact same day and time someone else is as they HOPED or expected that they could. Some are wondering what is included even though the deal listed what you got. The quirky ways that Groupon writes your offer come with questions. Not all is understood. They are very artsy and creative people.

They are still booking and the reason you have not heard from me is. I am busy making up faces and meeting my Groupon Groupies! Gotta run an other face is here!