The Groupon Experiment Continues...


It has been another Groupon kind of week. To refresh your memory I want to update you on my continued journey with a special offer to bring in newbies on Groupon since our offer ran in January.

Over the summer, I thought more clients would call and book their appointment but it was lighter bookings than I expected. Now, into fall they are back to booking. Lovely ladies of ALL ages have come to our door. They drive nice cars, a lot have Coach handbags and they are savvy buyers. They have become loyal return clients and LOVE to buy if you have what they want.

In the meantime, my representative from Groupon has called to ask if I want to offer another deal. I do not want to do another offer until I take care of the LIST of clients who bought the deal. Its all the start of the holiday season and do not want to be booked with doing their services and focus on selling and taking care of our existing client.

I still have 68 more people to book and my offer ends January 17,2011


I have had several families of three, daughters, sisters, and sister in laws and grandmas. They all seemed to love my place and what we retail too.


To continue to build new clientele with Groupon. I am able to still take care of our regular clientele without any problems. Our profits are sailing through during the slower times of the summer. Today I did six faces and they all bought. One was so happy she purchased $382.00.

They all mentioned they loved my place, the services we offer and retail mix.


Groupon rocks! I find along with social media, coupons are a girl’s best friends. I’d rather be booked with a Groupon then have no one in the chair. Business is good.

I am NOT underselling myself and my beauty retreat I am just trying to keep my economy going one face at a time.

Are you rocking or does your business need a boost?