How the Affluents Use the Internet and Social Media

A new trend report finds that affluents are active users of social media and they spend on average more than 4 hours shopping online

Unity Marketing has just released a new trend report on the affluent luxury consumer and how they use the Internet and social media in support of their luxury lifestyles.

This 59-page trend report, entitled How Affluent Luxury Consumers Use the Internet and Social Media, is based upon a survey of 1,614 affluent consumers (ag. income $239,300). It answers these critical questions for luxury marketers in order to plan their online marketing strategies, including how best to use social media for building their brand:

How often do affluent consumers use the Internet in support of luxury goods and services purchases, what do they buy online, how much do they spend?

When do they turn to the Internet and why they use it?

What are their favorite luxury websites and what specifically do they value about their favorite websites?

How do affluent luxury shoppers use social media to learn about luxury brands, share information about luxury brands, and connect with people with similar outlooks on luxury brands?

What turns them on about using the Internet for luxury purchasing and research?

A total of 1,614 affluent consumers with incomes of $100,000 or more and who bought luxury goods or services in the fourth quarter were surveyed. from January 8-27, 2010. The result of this survey are compared with findings from similar studies conducted in third quarter of 2007 and 2005, so that four years of trends in luxury consumers use of the Internet can be measured and tracked.

In addition, a segment of extremely active Internet shoppers have been identified in this study. A detail analysis of their responses are included in this report.