How am I preparing for IECSC Las Vegas 2011?

I am excited for IECSC LasVegas 2011, why? Because in addition to Using Social Media to Build Community and Increase Revenue from 11:45am - 12:45pm (grab lunch before the crowds and join me for an hour that will ignite your marketing and give you real skills), I am teaching an intensive on Monday from 9am -12pm "Blogging - Organically Improve your Search Engine Optimization and Web Traffic" This session will give you all of the skills you need to increase the Search Engine Optimization for your website, build credibility and excitement for your services and create content for your social strategy. These 2 sessions combined, will accelerate your marketing and sales initiatives, adding revenue to the bottom line and making this year more profitable. Stop treading water and start swimming!

So, how am I preparing for IECSC Las Vegas?
Step 1 - I scheduled a hot stone massage. Huh? Seriously, how you can get ready for the maddness and craziness of Las Vegas, if you aren't relaxed? I am generally more of a deep tissue massage kind of guy, but Las Vegas calls for going beyond your comfort zone and for me that was hot stones. Looking in the mirror, I could visibly see I was more relaxed, but I also saw something I did not like, puffiness - Time for Step 2.
Step 2 - Cleanse before Las Vegas. I have seen GliSODin Skin Nutrients at Spa Exec and read about their slimming cleanse that will improve my skin. Do I want to cleanse? No! Do I need to cleanse? Yes! So I picked up the Cleanse and started Monday. True, I was not the nicest person to talk to the first 2 days as the caffeine drained out of my system. Also true, I have debated stopping at least 50x in the last 2 days. Today, I weighed in, looking for an excuse to stop. Two and a half pounds lighter, my skin may look the same but I am in a much better mood and going strong. I have an unrealistic goal of being 10 lbs lighter when I see you in Las Vegas. Check in with me and see how I am doing!
Step 3 - Focusing on finding Gold on LinkedIn, I checked my profile and made sure it is current and all of the relevant details are in. I am leaving my daily 2 Minute Drill aside and looking for contacts I want to set up meetings with in Las Vegas. Yes, I will meet new people, but it is equally important to my business that I set up meetings for breakfast and/or drinks after the conference with people in my network. This is how we find the gold in our network - real world meetings from our social network!
We have a lot to do in Las Vegas, how are you preparing?