IECSC Ft. Lauderdale is a month and a few weeks away!


IECSC Ft. Lauderdale is a month and a few weeks away! Are you on  board? Do you have your ticket for your success? If not and you have not planned your trip to IECSC you don’t know what you are missing.


What’s NEW?

What’s NOW?

What’s NEXT?


I want to know!  Don’t you?

As a professional makeup artist, skin therapist, and educator in the business of beauty I love to have my finger on the pulse and heart of the industry. I need to be “ in the know “ and stay fresh!

Whether you attend IECSC Ft. Lauderdale or hope to attend it in magical NYC or viva Las Vegas in 2012…. It’s all here October 16th and 17th if you live around or in sunny Florida.

I know what customers want and I want to be able to deliver it to them!

The latest, the greatest, multi-tasking ingredients and products with result. They want instant gratification. All in powerful or pretty packaging that makes a statement and is noticed.

Today’s consumer is very very savvy; she is reading labels now more then ever before. She is still looking for the fountain of youth. She or even he wants to look younger, prettier and trying to go greener. Eco chic and green has never been more in.  She wants simply the best she can afford on her skin. She wants something she can look and feel good about.

Come join me and the rest of the Educators for the show. I will be there to speak, test, smudge, smell, enjoy and learn as well.

Fall is almost here and the time is right for shopping and learning in beautiful Florida. Stock up on beautiful gift ideas and what’s new too. Get ready for the holidays!

Explore, network, try, buy, see and be seen, learn and have fun too!


Kiss, makeup, and SPAAAAAAH  at IECSC.