IECSC Monday Recap

It is Monday afternoon and IECSC 2010 is definitely reminiscent of the shows from before two years ago. I have been teaching non stop since I arrived on Saturday. The attendance has been terrific for each program. From the few moments I have spent on the show floor I have seen a buzz for all three days. It was great to witness so many people looking for great products and services.

The mood in my classes was definitely upbeat compared to a year ago. Attendees are seeing their business actually grow and are looking to invest in new business opportunities, looking for additional products, and are seeing clients starting to come more frequently and spend more money each time they visit.

The great opportunity that comes from the IECSC venues is the diverse geographic the attendees travel from. I have heard positive business news from all four corners of the country.

I like to pay attention to the “feet on the street” business report rather than the gloomy economists on TV who never leave their office or classroom and wax negatively about our economy. It’s the real hardworking American that I pay attention to.

Our industry is definitely back in full swing and this year’s Las Vegas event makes it obvious. Wish you were here.

Bryan Durocher