You might feel the need to pull back on your marketing budget, but don't eliminate it completely.

Here are some best practices for spa owners navigating this period of financial uncertainty and how to best prepare for business post-Coronavirus.

Jessica Wadley, an industry veteran from Oakworks, shares her professional tips on making sure your clients feel safe on the massage table.

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The professional beauty industry will have to make changes before re-opening after COVID-19. Here are a few suggestions.

Stephen Hyduchak, CEO of Aver identification verification services, shares his expertise on the risks of telemedicine and how to stay safe during use.

Here's how franchisors can position themselves to survive this crisis and come out stronger on the other side, according to a popular day spa brand.

A  virtual tip jar has garnered 430 salon professionals more than $76,000 in tips. 

The American Academy of Dermatology announced a possible correlation.

The PGA Tour golfer and pro racecar driver have invested in the wellness brand.

The ingestible beauty brand and are teaming up to promote wellbeing in the community during this difficult time of isolation.