Ingestible Beauty a hot topic with Spas!

With my recent attendance at both Spa Exec’s Fort Lauderdale Show and this week’s ISPA 2010, I have come to learn that ingestible beauty is a hot topic and I believe it will soon become a critical component to the spa philosophy.  Why is this? Well, based on my interaction at these shows, I observed the following;

1) The New Spa & Consumer – Newness is hot right now! Spas and consumers are seeking innovative yet credible products to purchase within their spas. They are going back to basics, making natural health and wellness an obvious fundamental component within spa programs. With the recent economic challenges, this year there seems to be an upbeat attitude with people wanting to not only look good but also feel their best. Ingestible beauty is really about protecting one’s health (while targeting skin health and beauty benefits.)

2) Social Media driving consumer demand – Social media is rapidly becoming a mainstream channel for the spa-consumer experience.  Consumers are connecting with their spas to discuss their experiences and needs, while spas utilize this tool for marketing, education and ultimately sales initiatives. Because of this, spas are listening to their clients and bundling services with complementary products to create more complete and sophisticated programs that the client can take home with them.  Ingestible beauty products work along with topical products to support healthy aging and wellness of the spa client.

3) A new source of revenue – For the spa owner, offering ingestible products is a way to increase revenue through a category not yet offered or competitive with topical products.

I think 2011 is going to be an exciting year for ingestible beauty!  It was great seeing everyone at the Shows.

Yours in Health & Beauty,



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