Insights from Dove Men+Care Survey

men's haircare

men's haircareMen are a common sight in your spas, and have been for years now. In addition to skincare and relaxation, the men’s haircare industry is booming. According to a trend report published by Google, searches around men’s hair have outpaced those for women’s hair for the very first time. Nielsen just confirmed Dove Men+Care Hair is the #1 fastest-growing brand in the Daily Hair Care category (men’s and women’s). They have also launched an integrated marketing campaign, Real Life Tested. The campaign uncovers that physical and environmental factors play a big role in men’s hair shedding. According to Dove Men+Care Dermatologist Hair Research, dermatologists indicate that physical stress on hair and environmental factors play a key role in contributing to hair fall in men. Many dermatologists also believe that emotional stress can play a role in contributing to hair fall in men – but not as big a role as physical stress on hair. Dermatologists believe, however, that men aren’t aware of how everyday stressors contribute to hair fall. “Physical and environmental stressors are unavoidable parts of his everyday life, and I would never tell my patients they need to stop swimming in pools or playing with their kids who tug on their hair, but there are simple ways to protect against these elements' contribution to his hair fall,” says Glynis Ablon, M.D., a board certified dermatologist and associate clinical professor of dermatology who has studied the impact of stress on both hair and skin. “Studies show guys are more concerned than ever about their hair, and my conversations with male patients certainly attest to this. It’s important they know there are options that can actually improve the healthy look of their hair.” The survey was given to 200 U.S. board-certified dermatologists who have been in practice for more than three years, spent more than 75 percent of their professional time in direct patient care, and seen more than 10 male patients per month for hair-related issues. Here are key ideas that emerged from the survey:

  • The three major factors contributing to hair fall are physical stress on hair, genetics, and nutrition.
  • Dermatologists also agree that men today are leading more active and stressful lifestyles, which may contribute to hair fall without them realizing.
  • Most dermatologists agree that men can protect against hair fall by maintaining a healthy diet and choosing the right shampoo, preferably a moisturizing one.

What tips do you give your male spa-goers to maintain healthy hair?