Interesting new vendor: Deluxe Salon Supply

What do you get when you mix a salon and spa supply company with the awesome ecommerce power of Deluxe Salon Supply wants to change the way you order supplies--from Windex to wax. Instead of running around cobbling together your spa's varied needs from a patchwork of vendors, grocery stores and whatnot, you can place your order online and have it delivered for free. (Yes, you read that right.) The company is adding literally hundreds of sku's each week, and they want to know what you frequently buy--they're determined to be the one stop shop for the industry. So go tell them what they need to include. They're all ears at this show. Tatia Davenport is the founder, and she is actually a California spa owner who also happens to be an e*trade alumna. An idea whose time has come? More evidence that the spa industry is growing up! Booth 1263


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