Iredale Mineral Cosmetics Launches iPad App

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics Launches iPad App

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics (IMC), manufacturer of Jane Iredale, has launched a new iPad app, Jane Iredale Makeup Mirror. The free app allows consumers and professionals to create true-to-life makeup applications in seconds and view finished looks on the user instantly. A first of its kind, Jane Iredale Makeup Makeup Mirror features unique real-time mirror capabilities that allow users to see, save, and share results with friends and social networks. 

Designed in partnership with Modiface exclusively for iPad tablets, the app is an extension of Jane Iredale’s previously successful Virtual Makeover application, which enabled users to select and apply products in-app using finger strokes. The Makeup Mirror technology builds on this experience, offering a live, direct view of one’s face with makeup looks supplemented by computer-generated input. Users choose shades of makeup and apply to a model or their own photo, using their finger like a brush. Tapping into the new “Mirror Mode” allows them to instantly try on the look in real-time. “Using augmented reality to apply makeup is a new way to give customers an interactive and enjoyable shopping experience, and can be effective across multiple platforms,” says vice president of marketing Sarah Steven. “We’re most excited about the opportunity to increase and renew excitement and engagement across our client base.”

The app delivers unique benefits to beauty professionals including:                          

Streamlined consultations. Estheticians and makeup artists can cater to clients seeking new looks for headshots, profile pictures, weddings, or other occasions by trying on several different looks without scrubbing off multiple makeup applications. Options can be narrowed down and then physically applied, saving time, and increasing client satisfaction.

Makeup matching technology. Makeup artists can hold up their client’s coveted makeup product to the Augmented Reality (AR) feature in the app, and it will find the closest color in the Jane Iredale line.

Increased engagement. Consumers can easily play with new makeup looks at home, which they can then bring in to their favorite Jane Iredale location for makeup professionals to recreate.

In-store enhancement. Set up alongside a Jane Iredale makeup display, makeup professionals can use the app to focus in on a customer’s face as they pass by to automatically apply the makeup and allow the customer to explore the options for purchase on location or they can email themselves the list of products.

For more details and to download the app search for “Jane Iredale” in the app store from your iPad. The Makeup Mirror functionality requires iOS 8.0 or later and the iPad Air or newer.


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