ISPA's New Snapshot Initiative Summary Reveals What Spa Consumers Really Think

This week, I was in Vegas at the annual ISPA Conference. Not surprisingly, I learned a tremendous amount of information in the short time I was there. From effective new ingredients to interesting potential story ideas, I’m looking forward to sharing it all in the year to come. I was particularly interested in some of the latest statistics ISPA had to share as part of its Spa Consumer Snapshot Initiative Summary, which reveals more about consumers’ perceptions and misconceptions about the industry. The survey involved 1,000 responses from a representative sample of the U.S. population by gender, age range, income, and region. Here is a bit of a sneak preview of the Snapshot, which will be available in December:

39.2% incidence of U.S. population who reported visiting a spa in the last 12 months

52.8% of spa-goers describe themselves as casual spa-goers who visit a spa to treat themselves

3 out of 5 non-spa-goers indicate the reason they haven’t visited a spa in the last 12 months is because they consider spas to be too costly

Only 47.3% of non-spa-goers believe spas provide a healthy impact on their life

If you attended this year’s ISPA Conference, what were some of the interesting things you learned?  


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