Its that time of year again…SPA week!

Spa Week


It's that time of year again…SPA week is officially here! It is their time to shine and yours to save a dime. Book your appointment for relaxation. If you have always wanted to experience another spas services on the cheap or to check them out. Now’s your time. Select spas around the country and perhaps your spa too are featuring some fabulous and unique services. One week of bliss at only $50.00 Check out the informative and adorable video on YOU Tube and find out what you are in store for. Then visit spa to find a participating spa near you.

Spa WeekI am going for aClarifying signature facial and the Orange Blossom body treatment at the famous Ponte Vedra Inn and Spa. This time I am bringing one of my staff members and my husband. This diamond resort location is a true day spa. Not a spa that calls themselves one, offers facials, and has a paraffin machine. I can’t wait to partake of all the amenities and treat myself to lunch too. The chefs there make some amazing dishes.

Times are not terribly great…if you have some down time, need some ME TIME or if you have an appointment book that is not so full. Book an appointment and Go!

You deserve it and so does your mind and body. I am ALWAYS inspired wherever I go. You may just dream up a new service and or idea for your business that you find will hit you simply by lying in the whirlpool or chilling reading a magazine and enjoying a cup of tea in the meditation room.


$50.00 NOT $100.00, $125.00 $150.00 or $275.00 a service. They will have Special offers and services for only $50.00 to good to be true…yes! However, it is so and an offer you cannot resist. I cannot~