Jari Menari Releases New Training Schedule

Jari Menari, a massage and training center, located in Bali, Indonesia, has recently released the 2016 sequence training workshop schedule. Intended for those new to massage and those already working in the profession, the internationally recognized Jari Menari Massage Sequence training places an emphasis on five key points: rhythm, flow, connection, transitions, and breath. The training also includes a 90-minute sequence taught by imitation and encourages students to open their imagination and intuition in delivering sessions during a 12-day period.

Week One: Focus on philosophies and techniques.

  • Three days on the “oil free” warming introduction.

Week Two: Focuses on integrating the session.

  • Three days to explore the ‘face up’ techniques and sequence.
  • Three days learning the ‘face down’ techniques and sequence.
  • Three days to polish the rhythm and flow of delivery.

Jari Menari has two locations in Bali with more than 50 professionally trained, all-male staff. Their vision is to teach young men vocational skills so they can enter the healing art of massage as a profession. Internationally they train both male and female students, sharing the sequence, which focuses on an unpredictable delivery and quality of touch. Its goal, when guest gets off the table, is to hear, "That was the best massage I ever had.”

For additional information on the sequence training courses, please visit: www.jarimenari.com.