Just the facts...My take on Groupon thus far!

They are “choosey” about who they invite for the deal of the day. You must be a reputable business and I am honored my business was chosen.

Groupon came up with the price of my deal based on the cost of what the products used would be per face and the time. Overall, It was a joint effort. They know we are a "candy shoppe of beauty" so they knew retailing is what we were looking for besides gaining new clients.

Once in the Groupon system with a coupon you have a virtual advertising business card and information in an online shop. You can update this at anytime with the format they give you. This is the section on the site where they asked you to tell them about yourself with a Q & A that members can preview about you before buying.

Added Bonus!

Once your featured deal has run and you are ready:

You can create a deal that is a discount off say retail. Example: 15% off spa products. You get 90% and they will get 10% of the deal/sale.

If your offer runs well for Groupon, they invite you back in six months or more to offer another exciting deal to their members.

They keep records of my deals sold and not only showed me how many sold. They also showed a map that highlights the country. We sold as far as Kansas, Georgia and all over Florida. One such member flew in yesterday.

I am amazed by the data they supply you with.

Reminder…I am NOT a sales rep.for them. Just a business owner who had a daily feature. It went so well I cannot wait to take care of those who bought on our list and do another offer.

People are spending wiser, using coupons now more than ever. Shopping less and or just browsing. They are looking for ways to save money and have some fun too! I think Groupon is a win/win! The reason you have not heard from me is besides my other businesses too we have been busy with NEW CLIENTS... the Groupons! Smiling every time a new one comes to the door for appt.

L’Oreal, Cover Girl, NYC and Company, Bath and Body Works, Old Navy, Target, Ulta and more…they all offer coupons and deals.

Will you?

Your Groupon success depends on you and what you do!

I’ll continue my journey with Groupon in another month with you.


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