Kerstin Florian Chief Creative Officer Passes Away

Charlene FlorianCharlene Florian, chief creative officer of Kerstin Florian International (KFI) passed away this weekend peacefully, surrounded by her family and close friends. Florian was inspired by her Swedish mother, who founded Kerstin Florian and worked with the skincare company’s creative team to incorporate new, proven, and innovative ingredients into exclusive treatments and products. Her contributions to the company included research, the development of ingredients, new products and treatments, working with corporate clients, and speaking on skincare and longevity as the spokesperson for Kerstin Florian International. “Charlene was an inspirational and vibrant global thought leader who worked passionately alongside her mom Kerstin to build and grow the Kerstin Florian brand and share their philosophy and passion for wellness and health with the spa industry and beyond,” says Julie Andrews, director of global sales and public relations. “She truly loved her industry and the close knit, extended Kerstin Florian family she was fortunate to work with for over 2 decades.”

Florian also continually sought to gain knowledge and advance her education in skincare and longevity. She took cosmetic chemistry classes at UCLA, completed a raw nutrition chef course through the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, a wellness and raw food coaching certification through the Body Mind Institute, studied Chinese tonic herbs with Ron Teeguarden, clocked in over 500 hours of massage therapy throughout her career, and studied with many renowned aromatherapists and herbalists. “She was a shining light within the industry leading the path for a healthy more natural lifestyle touching everyone she encountered with positivity, kindness, and joy,” says Andrews. “A charismatic executive with the Kerstin Florian team, a source of inspiration and knowledge to our partners globally, Charlene was a force of positive energy who embodied the Kerstin Florian brand.”


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