Last words on the Las Vegas show!

So many spas so little are few that caught my eye in Las Vegas. I love to get facials and give them too! My hunky husband is my favorite spa guest. Now back home I  had to recap my full stay, after the show.

The days after the beauty conferences I made some time, as I always do, for some SPA time and relaxation. Next time you come to the IECSC or IBS shows consider practicing what you preach and tour some spas and have some "me" time.   I love to do this and it's something I don’t ever want to miss.   I make it my business to fit in a trip whether going back home in NYC  or in Las Vegas.  You owe it to yourself to get a feel and taste of what others do including the big gun spas in the business.

Las Vegas has a city vibe and incredible energy.   It seems to hardly ever sleep.   You never know what you’ll find.

The Spa at Aria was my first stop in the new Aria hotel. Water gardens, lots of natural light and calmness.  The spa features 62 treatment rooms, 2 impressive meditation rooms and a special “Ganbanyoku” stone bed and “sho” salt infused room, and an outdoor coed balcony overlooking the swimming pools.   They also offer yoga by candlelight.   This spa was beautiful and tranquil.   The only thing that made me question them was an unhealthy tanning bed.

Vdara health and beauty was the name they call their spa at the Vdara hotel.   Beautiful, clean and the scent throughout the hotel was amazing.   They offered spa services with your choice of champagne.   I wanted to buy the signature scent in the air filters from the hotel but it was not known by staff or sold.   So sad, I would have bought candles, lotions and bath bubblies if they were available.   It smelled so divine, I didn’t want to leave.

The” Jet Lag Relief Massage” was featured at the breathtaking, exotic and peaceful Mandarin Oriental Hotel health and beauty spa.  The menu was being redone with a price increase so I could not take one home. Not good. It’s like being out of business cards. I was told to check the menu on a gorgeous lounge couch and to look online.   Always remember not everyone has a computer nor do they travel with one.   While most of my clients do, there are 20 % who don’t.   There is nothing like an actual hard copy of the menu to take with you.   By the way, the menu services were so exotic and inviting, I wanted one of each one.

Hot and new too on the beauty scene is the Russian inspired Oleksandra Spa and Salon inside Treasure Island.  The Russian banya is one of the spa’s unique offerings, like Queen Latifah enjoyed in a memorable movie.  This is based on the healing effects of “sweet bathing.”  A time honored therapeutic ritual, the Venik Massage in Banya takes place inside a humid sauna, which entails exposure to moist heat, a massage with aromatic oils and a brisk brushing of your body with a warmed oak leaf whisk to stimulate circulation, and they say also release pathogens.  It’s 15 minutes of pure healing.  The spa also offers Intraceutical oxygen infusion treatments, which are very popular with celebrities.

The common thread of the spas was relaxation, calming and tranquility.  The spa menus were beautiful and so were the appointment and business cards.  However, on some the font was so light in color or very small print in certain sections.  I needed to use a magnifying glass to read.  If I did and I am younger, what must a senior or someone who can’t read without glasses do?  Remember if our clients can’t read it they can’t see it to buy the service.  Got it?

Are you a stylist or full service salon? I stopped by Celebrity stylists Ken Paves new salon as well as Kim Vo from Shear Genius. Kim offers a girlfriend getaway with a beauty Boot camp.

These salons also are simply beautiful and they spared no expense on décor.

Go to a show this year I promise you’ll be inspired and rejuvenated. Visit the strip next time for more than a place to stay and food and drink.

If we've never met please stop by one of my classes and introduce yourself. Whether you’re a one-person business or a 20-chair/treatment-room business your success is important to me.