Lexicon Health to Host a Trade-Secret Summit

Chateau Du Grande Lucé, FranceLexicon Health, a leading digital publisher for the health and wellness industry, recently announced plans to host the 2016 Lead Generation and Media Buying Mastermind on July 29 to August 5 at the Chateau Du Grande Lucé in France. This invite-only event will gather top health and wellness marketers for five days of intense collaborations, networking, and advanced marketing techniques. "Right now the health and wellness industry is experiencing unprecedented growth,” says president Scott Rewick. “Over the last two years, our company has grown to over eight figures in the hyper-competitive digital landscape using our own proprietary model of lead generation and media buying. We understand the power of bringing together the top producers of an industry and exchanging best practices. It's transformative."

Rewick and the company's CEO Chris Clarke are both 15-year veteran digital marketers with successful track records of building several multimillion-dollar businesses. In addition to sharing their scalable growth-hacking strategies, Clarke and Rewick are also bringing 12 expert colleagues to collaborate in an elite meeting of the minds experience for their guests. Unlike other large-scale marketing conferences, the Mastermind event has only ten suites available and boasts deluxe perks, including tickets to Le Mans racing, winery and garden tours, and helicopter and hot-air balloon rides. Says Rewick, "We wanted to create a memorable marketing event like none other. Unconventional experience speaks to our brand of business."