Mala + Mantra Partners with Wellness for Cancer

Mala + Mantra, a sustainable jewelry and accessories line, is partnering with Wellness for Cancer with the launch of its new Be Well collection. Judith Compton, the brands founder and creator, recently announced that for every bracelet and mala sold, Mala + Mantra will donate $5 to Wellness for Cancer.  “We are thrilled to be supporting this important initiative,” says Compton. “Having several cancer survivors in my immediate family, I have been personally effected by this devastating disease.” Following the traditional Mala + Mantra product design, the bracelet will impart a message of mindfulness: “Be centered. Be inspired. Be compassion.” Each purchase of the Mala + Mantra Be Well collection will help cancer patients and survivors receive well BE-ing treatments. Supporters of the cause are encouraged to share photos of their bracelet on social media using the hashtag #bewell.

The bracelets were designed by Mala + Mantra founder Judith Compton and Wellness for Cancer founder Julie Bach. Julie selected the bracelets semi-precious gemstones: amethyst, green aventurine, and sodalite, which she felt were gemstones that would be beneficial to cancer survivors and patients. Each of the gemstones represents different chakras in the body and promotes different properties within the wearers: amethyst representing the crown chakra and promoting spirituality and serenity; green aventurine representing the heart chakra (Anahata) and promoting calmness and balance; and sodalite, representing the third eye chakra and promoting intuition. “I am honored that we are launching the Be Well collection as meditation and mindfulness are evidence-based approaches approved by many hospitals and cancer centers to help individuals address depression, anxiety, stress reduction, concentration, and quality of life issues associated with cancer,” says Bach. “Wellness for Cancer embodies compassion and wisdom to provide well-being solutions that help individuals recognize that they are more than their physical body and they are more than their cancer diagnosis.  They are human beings. Mantras and Malas are tools used for thousands of years to help cultivate self-compassion, forgiveness and wellbeing at the individual level.”