Marianne Dougherty Launches MD Media

Marianne Dougherty has launched MD Media to help service professional beauty industry manufacturers, publishers, distributors, salons and entrepreneurial ventures. An internationally respected publisher and editor, formerly with Questex supervising media for American Salon, former editor in chief of Launchpad and most recently the editorial director for

'On Paper,' Dougherty will now offer communications, publishing, special consulting projects, media and public relations services. She and her new team will also offer freelance writing and editing services for both the beauty trade and consumer media. Dougherty has years of expert professional beautycare experience and expertise, while working closely with many national and international manufacturers, platform artists, photographers, writers and salons. As Dougherty notes, 'The doctor of beautycare media is -- now in!' Marianne Dougherty will use her 'MD' initials to help put a new name to her company as well as to offer personalized signature services for any business challenge.

Dougherty may be reached directly at 412-596-3722 or via email at [email protected].

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