Market Watch – Weight Loss & Spa

In this past month, 3 weight loss products (2 pharmaceuticals and 1 nutraceutical,) have been denied or pulled from the market due to potential health risks they may pose.  This got me thinking....with the uncontrollable obesity rates that we face today, is the magic bullet approach in the best interest for long term success?  Healthy weight management goes beyond nutrition and supplementation. It may also be rooted from emotional and physical challenges that need to be considered when treating obesity.

In my consulting years, my most successful clients were those I worked with out of a Spa. Is this a coincidence? I don’t believe so, as the “spa” is a place to de-stress, internalize and rejuvenate one’s outer and inner beauty.  We go to the spa to be pampered and to make us feel and look our best. By combining weight loss programs with spa, you are helping your clients become healthier, feel better and maximize their outer beauty too! A typical consulting session with my client always ended off with a facial, body contouring treatment or hairstyle appt. They always left more motivated and confident than when they entered the spa. This was the opposite of what I experience when consulting in more clinical or specialized weight loss centres.

To me, I see the spa as the next generation in wellness (and this includes healthy weight management.)  Sure there are exclusive wellness resorts that cater to this, but there is no reason why such a program cannot be offered in the mainstream spa channel!