Miraval Group Expects to Buy Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort (Lenox, MA)

Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort (Lenox, MA)Miraval Group has announced plans to purchase and expand Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort (Lenox, MA). This historic location in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts was selected to become the first Miraval property in the Northeast because of its natural beauty and ability to connect guests and visitors to the world in a unique way. Also, according to the company’s research, both existing Miraval guests and other spa-goers picked the Northeast as their top choice for a new Miraval resort experience. “We expect our wellness offerings and experiences to attract a broad category of guests, from Maine to Washington,” says CEO and president Steven A. Rudnitsky. “Our multimillion-dollar investment will generate new jobs and preserve a treasured collection of historic structures.”

The new name of the property will be Miraval-Lenox, and it will offer world-class experiences that honor the heritage of the property and create a space for its guests to escape, find balance, and renew. Regarding property renovations, Miraval Group plans to build a world-class Miraval spa, a mindfulness/wellbeing center, an outdoor pool, and gardens; complete the previously approved plan to add 43 rooms to the property; renovate and repurpose existing historic structures; and preserve the resort’s 18-hole golf course. It will take about 24 months to redevelop Cranwell into Miraval-Lenox with construction possibly starting in early 2017, depending on timely approvals from Town of Lenox's zoning board. The resort will continue to operate as Cranwell Resort during the redevelopment period.