New Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Beverage

SUNRISE, FL – August, 2010    Never Lose Your “Mojo” with Modjo 4Life™, the First Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Beverage from Dietary Supplements Innovator Cellutions.  Based on ingredient studies from Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic, Modjo4Life is caffeine free, loaded with antioxidants and powered by 5x the amount of life-enhancing Resveratrol found in a liter of red wine

Now consumers can not only live longer but feel better and look rejuvenated with the introduction of great tasting Modjo 4Life™ ( Modjo 4Life is the new, patent pending, anti-aging dietary supplement beverage from supplements innovator Cellutions, LLC. Modjo 4Life is a premium health and wellness beverage that’s been crafted based on research from  Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic and is fortified with the anti-aging protective benefits of Resveratrol, the grape-skin extract shown to possess life-span enhancing and cardio-protective benefits. In fact, “Resveratrol has extended the life of every species it’s been given to.” said a leading professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School, reported by the NewYork Times

Modjo 4Life is the latest addition to the new-age functional offerings from Cellutions. Four years ago Cellutions launched Modjo Synergy™  an all natural hangover prevention supplement and then launched Caffeine Free, Modjo Life Natural Energy™ Shots--both of which are available in more than 5,000 retail locations nationwide including select Circle K, MGM, Racetrac and GNC locations. Modjo 4Life comes in three great tasting flavors, Grape Pomegranate, Simply Citrus and Island Punch. Modjo 4Life was developed in conjunction with Wild Flavors, leading producers of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry (

“Modjo 4Life™ is a breakthrough functional beverage with a blend of natural ingredients unlike any other beverage in the market,” said Victor H. Diaz, founder of Cellutions and creator of Modjo 4Life. “Natural ingredients, caffeine-free and loaded with the grape-skin extract Resveratrol, we believe that we have bottled the secret to living a longer, healthier and more vibrant life. Modjo 4Life should be enjoyed by anyone interested in looking better and feeling better and after all, who wouldn’t want to age in slow motion?
In addition to Resveratrol, Modjo 4Life is made with all natural flavors and a powerful blend of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and electrolytes. It is a heart-healthy beverage specifically designed to increase longevity and improve cardiovascular performance. In keeping with its natural promise, Modjo 4Life does not contain any artificial sweeteners but instead is sweetened with organic cane juice and Stevia. Modjo 4Life is available in 10.5 oz. bottles with an SRP of $2.99. Modjo 4Life is currently available at GNC stores nationwide and additional national and regional retailers will be announced shortly.

“We are excited about bringing Modjo 4Life to beverage retailers and consumers as the benefits to both are easy to see. Modjo 4Life will help to establish a new paradigm in the ever-growing functional beverage category and provides consumers with a great tasting beverage that contains everything they should want on a daily basis plus a little bit of the Fountain of Youth,” said Diaz.