New Consumer Trends from The Benchmarking Company released at Cosmoprof Las Vegas

The educational session “Look Back, Look Forward” at Cosmoprof Las Vegas was chock full of great information on consumer trends and changes in the beauty industry. Alisa Marie Beyer of The Benchmarking Company identified six trends under the theme “she’s come undone and she’s not coming back.”

  1. Self renovation fascination: She likes self-help, and my brand has to play a role in “making her a better her.
  2. Outsourcers-r-us: My brand has to become her “expert peep.”
  3. Me-moments: She likes “special me time” and doesn’t feel guilty about it. She craves peace, purposes, and passion in moments during which she severs herself from her ever-growing lost of responsibilities. “Mommy-free” zone.
  4. Home base: locavore living; importance of local communities. How does my brand make her feel she is supporting her local community?
  5. Entitlement: youth on demand. She wants products that work, and that work immediately. She wants to look younger now, and is starting at an increasingly younger age to believe that “young-looking is my right..”
  6. Rolling Holy: Faith. Personal responsibility. Forgiveness. Generosity. Gratitude. Love. How does my brand embody these attitudes and beliefs