Denver, Colorado, July  22, 2011 – Uspa Immersion, a new hybrid of wellness, spa and fitness, is the collaborative offspring of three pioneering industry-leading firms with unparalleled development and project planning expertise and expansive facility management, operational, and retail experience.

Uspa Immersion is a fully integrated brand featuring a focus on green and sustainable principles and an emphasis on innovations in design, education / training, services, products and business tools. Inspired by traditional indigenous rituals and by the science of nature, Uspa Immersion uses only natural and organic products with an emphasis on performance and offers a full range of authentic services, therapeutic treatments and wellness and life-improvement experiences.
The marriage of the Blu Spas, Ageless Esthetics, and Uspa teams has created an unequaled match of talent and experience.  Their combined expertise ranges from distinctive design, turn-key operations, business analysis, product and service treatment development, product distribution, retail, sales and marketing, and training. Throughout their history of creating world-class wellness, spa and fitness facilities and product companies globally, this team has been recognized for capturing authentic and marketable qualities from the local culture, and delivering distinctive facilities and guest experiences. Their project planning has led to the unveiling some of the best wellness, spa and fitness facilities in the world.
Collectively, the Uspa Immersion executive team has been involved in more than 350 projects in over 30 countries and includes Rob Insinger, Cary Collier, Doug Chambers, Ronel Corbin, Justin Morgan, Lisa Jacobs, Jackie Insinger, Brooke Taylor, Ashlee Anderson and Rianna Riego. Additionally, the group has assembled a medical advisory team representing varying disciplines to guide its wellness, fitness and life-improvement programs.
Cary Collier, the group’s principal designer, notes that “Our team has carefully created a ground-breaking combination featuring truly innovative experiences; a balance of sustainable, sensuous design and technology; wellness, fitness, spa, waters, retail and integrated web business features; and a star line-up of Uspa products and services.”  Operations guru Ronel Corbin states, “While it’s the creative side of our team that breathes the soul into our Uspa Immersion, it’s the analytical side that assures our projects are functional and, ultimately, best positioned for profitability.”  George Jilly, Founder of Uspa, adds, “There is a spectacular story and purpose behind everything we do – the products, the treatments, the design details. Our passion is to inspire our guests through our meticulous fusion of nature, function and purpose.”
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