Noel Asmar Wins StartUp Canada’s Global Entrepreneurship Award

Noel Asmar, CEO and creative director of the Noel Asmar Group, won the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Award in the Entrepreneur-Led Businesses Demonstrating Excellence category from StartUp Canada. This award recognizes Canadian companies for excellence in global business practices, which can be demonstrated in export sales, operations, supply chain management, and market presence. StartUp Canada, which is a grassroots network of entrepreneurs that celebrates the advancement of Canadian entrepreneurship, helps support current Canadian businesses, and inspires future entrepreneurs introduced the awards in 2015. With this recognition, Asmar hopes to continue to empower her fellow Canadian entrepreneurs to pursue fulfilling careers and never lose sight of the people and ideas that inspire them. “As we look to the future of the Noel Asmar brand, we always fall back to our roots designing spa uniforms for such a special industry,” says Asmar. “We have taken all that we have learned about dressing people of all shapes and sizes for a specific function and continue to apply it in ways that can empower people to feel and look their best at work and play. I feel grateful for all the support we have received from the spa community, for my incredible team, and my family for constantly inspiring me to find ways to empower people through design.”

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