Noreen's Groupon Adventure Continues

January 2012 and my Groupon coupon experience we ran last January 2011 continues. Our offer expires this month officially and the calls are now coming in fast and with a panic. They now have realized this and are trying desperately to book before it is really over. They want the Royal Treatment offer we featured.

Besides our existing clients, new clients and our Groupon clients we are booked.

As we hear the panic in their voice, we are gracious and are trying to accommodate them as much as we can. We always remember to put ourselves in their shoes. Treat them as we want to be treated. Who wants to lose hard earned money? I don’t and I have had it happen to me and it does not feel good.

January is usually much slower however, thanks to Groupon, we are very busy and profits are strong!!!

I can go on and on but my business calls and so do the next NEW smiling faces that have arrived at our sweet beauty retreat. I will give you a final wrap up on our Groupon offer when it is complete and we take care of the last face booked.

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