North Texas spas becoming “belly friendly” for soon-to-be moms


Source: Pegasus News

Appropriately, Labor Day, September 3 is one of the first days of the month known as “the biggest birth month.” The timing is ideal to focus on health and well-being for expecting moms. A new spa education and recognition program, Belly Friendly aims to raise the bar for the prenatal service experience. Since launching earlier this year, 19 spas nationwide have become Belly Friendly, and more are joining the movement each week. The first Dallas-area spas to get Belly Friendly are Carrollton Square Salon & Spa (1026 South Broadway, Carrollton), La Bella Belly (3100 Ridge Road, Rockwall), and Valencia Day Spa (7600 Stonebrook Pkwy, Frisco).

According to the American Pregnancy Association, studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. While massage can provide enormous relief, pregnant moms are encouraged to select their spas and therapists carefully. Belly Friendly spas are recognized as having therapists with prenatal training in addition to the enhanced Belly Friendly education for all staff.

Stacy Denney, author, columnist, and founder of the country’s first prenatal spa Barefoot & Pregnant, has been providing maternity spa services for nearly a decade. With Belly Friendly, Denney encapsulates the rewarding Barefoot & Pregnant spa experience, and makes it available to moms across the country. Moms know they are getting the best when they visit a spa proudly displaying the Belly Friendly seal.

“With more than 16,000 pregnant moms entering the market each day, it’s surprising that most spas – even those with prenatal training – still aren’t comfortable working on expecting women,” says Denney. “By offering supplementary education to the spa staff, Belly Friendly has a direct positive impact on mom’s experience. Through our program, moms can identify spas that have taken extra steps to create a pregnancy friendly environment and services.”

Belly Friendly sets spas apart. The backbone of Belly Friendly is the education program. The one-of-a-kind program provides online education for all staff involved in the prenatal spa experience, from front desk personnel and management to therapists. Focusing on the emotional and physical states of pregnancy, the program raises awareness for everything the client is experiencing – ensuring confidence in both therapist and client. The front desk staff will benefit from details on the common myths, etiquette and faux pas of pregnancies, while therapists consider the unique aches and pains associated with hormonal and musculoskeletal changes by trimester.

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