NovaLash Supports 2015 Lyme Disease Challenge

NovaLash is participating in the 2015 Lyme Disease Challenge this month as May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Founder Sophy Merszei has been suffering from lyme disease for years and is spreading awareness about the mysterious disease that affects millions. “You may know me as the person who introduced eyelash extensions to the world, but you might not know that I have been battling lyme disease, chronic erlichiosis, and babesiosis for 30 years,” says Merszei. “I didn't get tested early, as a child, because even the best doctors didn't have the right information back then. Still today, most doctors, including my husband, are being taught outdated information on lyme disease.

Merszei is encouraging Lashionistas to take and share a “Sourpuss Selfie” (suck on a slice of lime, make a face, snap a photo or video, and post to social media platforms tagged with #LymeDiseaseChallenge, #NovaLashtakesabiteoutofLyme and a fact about Lyme Disease. Then, go tag and challenge a friend. NovaLash is taking part by making a charitable donation and sending a free pot of lashes to Certified Stylists with their next order. “This diseases is caused by insect bites, everyone is susceptible, and 300,000 new cases of lyme disease are reported in the U.S. each year, alone, according to the Center for Disease Control,” says Merszei. “It is treatable if caught early but if left undetected, it is debilitating and extremely painful.”

More information about lyme disease and the challange is available here: