Palladio Beauty Group Re-Launches

Palladio Beauty Group has announced a global re-launch, featuring fresh product packaging and an updated logo and tagline as part of an aggressive strategy to re-position the brand and grow sales in 2015. The roll-out of Palladio’s new direction is the beginning of several branding initiatives to significantly increase global reach and enhance the positioning of its beauty products while maintaining Palladio’s value proposition of high quality cosmetics at an affordable price point.

Palladio Beauty Group will expand its existing stable of offerings with clever new makeup solutions for the modern consumer as it continues to seek gains in market share among its competitors. The brand’s new launch plan includes an aggressive total of 82 skus in 2015 created with a focus on trend, fashion, and fun that will add a whimsical element to the brand. The fresh packaging design and products, the new logo, and the updated tagline all rolled out earlier this year. “With the value beauty segment exploding globally, we are bringing the brand to the next level where we can compete with any brand regardless of price point,” says president Tom Winarick. “Our new look is modern, glam and sexy. It clearly raises the perceived value of the products and will appeal to the global consumer.”

Palladio is transitioning its look to a sleeker, upscale design with a whimsical feel to reflect the refreshed brand personality. Under the re-launch, Palladio defines itself as “Botanical & Vitamin Infused.” The new language more accurately conveys the core beliefs of the line and its individual approach to formulation. “We wanted to maintain our emphasis on making products that are beneficial to the skin, while adding a glam factor,” says Winarick adds. “We are committed to driving brand awareness for Palladio’s Beautiful & Beneficial stance with our rejuvenated brand communication.”

The launch strategy and re-branding is expected to improve the brand's retail presence with strong visual impact that pops at point of sale. Brand executives look to increase domestic store sales in existing stores by a minimum of 30 percent while dramatically broadening the brand’s international distribution, which is already sold in over 50 countries worldwide. This is the first time the brand has made changes to its logo and packaging since it launched in 1985.