Pevonia Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Pevonia's 25th Anniversary Pevonia is celebrating 25 years in the skincare industry. To commemorate this milestone, the company kicked off celebrations at its annual Global Distributors Meeting in May and will continue to celebrate with exclusive celebratory VIP experiences with partnering spas, new product launches, exciting promotions, and ongoing charitable outreach. Pevonia also plans to introduce on-trend and in-demand treatments and products, as well as re-launch its Men’s Collection and launch BodyRenew, a new budget-friendly bath and body collection.

Cofounded by Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy, Pevonia launched as one of the first professional spa skincare brands and has continued to be an industry pioneer by completely removing parabens from its products. Pevonia’s achievements include more than 400 consumer and spa industry awards. The brand has also garnered success with its global distribution, which has reached to 130 countries with a leading presence in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. “We are beyond proud to celebrate Pevonia’s 25th anniversary,” says CEO and president Philippe Hennessy. “We are passionately focused on enhancing the company and the brand’s success. We are welcoming new distributors to our global network, celebrating the loyalty of clients who have been with us since our launch in 1991, expanding support programs to our loyal customers, and introducing them to new products that will help increase profits and excite their clients.”


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